Be the Sole Controller – No Gadgets and Gizmos, Only Xbox Kinect – Games and Tech

Gaming Microsoft has again introduced an electrifying gift for all gamers. Xbox Kinect – A controller free platform for gaming and entertainment. The easy to use gaming device, right away provides entertainment and fun to all its users. Introduction of this amazing device has laid everyone off their couch. Laughing, cheering, moving and all those exciting superlatives can be assigned to this novel creation. It has not only added another exciting level in the world of gaming but has also made gaming more electrifying and fun. Without any controlling mechanism, a truly amazing experience can be attained while playing with Xbox Kinect. Just make a move and you are into the game! Want to strike the ball then kick a hit! Want to join a friend just jump in! Yes, this is what the entire technological advancement is about.Talking about the technology, a horizontal bar – Kinect sensor has been connected with a small motorized, pivoted base. Its positioning has been set up just below the lengthwise level of video display so that it clearly monitors every single move made by the player. Depth sensor technology, multi-array microphone and RGB camera are some of the coolest features of this technological advanced device. It is only due to these incorporated features that the platform is able to perform super cool activities. Facial recognition, Voice identification and 3D capturing of complete body posture are the amazing things which are carried on by this ‘controller free’ platform.With presence of Kinect sensor microphone assortment, the Xbox Kinect is able to perform localization of acoustic sound and suppression of entire ambience sound around. It also allows chatting over Xbox live with headset free party. An infrared projector accompanied with monochrome CMOS sensor has been in-built in this unit which enables it to view 3D visuals under any kind of light ambience conditions. Automatic calibrating of game play based on sensor mechanism and physical environment around the player is another cool activity performed by this device. The Xbox Kinect is based on two different technological norms – software technology designed by Microsoft and camera mechanism outlined by PrimeSense. A combination of these two great advancements make this platform truly amazing and electrifying.Summary
Advanced technological combination of two tech-gurus, Microsoft and PrimeSense has experienced a totally new way of playing games – Xbox Kinect. This is a control free platform which is instilled with 3D sensor mechanism and work on basis of infrared projector and camera. If you too are a real game lover then try out this amazing device to experience an electrifying 3D gaming time!